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The new FTC Safeguards Rule requires your dealership's Safeguards Program to be updated with specific requirements like encrypting all customer information and implementing dual-factor authentication for access.  Ignite's Safeguards Toolkit provides a 10-step process to comply and contains necessary forms and service provider documents.  Get your copy for $249 which can be applied as a credit for Ignite's assisting you with your Safeguards Rule compliance.  The compliance deadline is later this year so act now to avoid fines and penalties.


This product has been developed by Ignite Consulting Partners as a general guide to assist automotive dealers and finance companies with compliance with the FTC Safeguards Rules. It may not cover every potential area that may exist or that impacts your business and it is not intended to address unique individual circumstances or issues. There are many nuances to both state and federal law that must be considered in addressing these matters and it is not our intention to provide legal or compliance advice on specific issues. Please let us know if you have specific issues that you'd like to discuss with us. Further, you acknowledge that Ignite Consulting Partners is not a law firm and no professional relationship is established by purchasing these materials. By completing this online purchase, you accept that you have read and understand the preceding paragraphs.

Ignite Consulting Safeguards Toolkit

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